Who chooses the color of the roof?

After you research and bid on roofing contractors for your project, you need to choose the one you trust and feel most comfortable with. Your roofer (and his team) should treat you, your choices, and your home with respect.

Traditionally, it seems that roofing has been an industry where the contractor has played a bigger role in helping to choose the style and color of shingles for their clients.

  • Does your tile installer choose the style and color of your tiles?
  • Does your painter choose your paint color?

So even if your roofer is an expert in roofing and can suggest products and colors for it, choosing a color is your decision, even if you are inexperienced in it.

Your contractor may have a lot of installation experience and may tend to recommend these “safe” color choices for you. Just because everyone puts on a specific color doesn’t mean it matches your home or your personality. If you want something different, you have to be confident and let your contractor know. You are, after all, the customer!

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Residential roofing vs Commercial roofing

Here are some tips on what you can do to help with your color choice:

  • Look online and in magazines to find images that inspire you.
  • Put all of your likely choices on the table, and then from there, start eliminating the options. It is best to do this before involving your contractor.
  • Drive around your neighborhood to see exterior design palettes and roofing color choices that other people have made.

This will help you eliminate styles and colors that you don’t like, and more importantly, decide which ones you like.

You may have the chance to see the owner in the yard and ask questions. Otherwise, your contractor will be able to identify the product.

Let your roofer know your favorite shingle styles and colors before you come to your home so they can bring you the right samples. An experienced contractor has done many installations and has a list of reference addresses that he can provide to you. This allows you to see your favorite colors on a real home, in its natural element.

Use technology to « try out » different styles and colors of roofs.

The key here is that yes, your contractor is a big factor in your project, but you have the final say on all decisions. Preparing on your part to identify (and potentially eliminate) options before meeting with your contractor will save you time and promote better interaction. Remember you are the customer, get what you want!