After a while, the asphalt shingle that contains the protective granules hardens. This causes the granules to detach and causes small cracks and cracks to appear on the surface.

This happens to all shingle roofs, but too much degranulation damages your roof and takes away several years of its life, this also leads to an accumulation of residues in your gutters.

It is now your responsibility to examine your roof for any visible damage. If you ever do discover something, it’s important to schedule repairs so that the situation doesn’t get worse.


The straightening of the shingle corners occurs when the ventilation of the roof is not optimal, this causes the shingle to overheat. Sometimes it can also be due to too much humidity inside.

Once the corners are in this position, strong winds as well as frost during winter will damage your roof much more quickly.


This is one of the easiest visible damage to spot on your shingle roof. Once the shingle is corrugated, the wind can tear off the corners easily.

Most of the time this problem is due to poor ventilation of the interior of the roof, but sometimes it can also be the result of an immobile deposit of water in the roof.


Tearing parts of your shingle is one of the most serious problems, locations where the part of the shingle has broken is a considerable weakness and increases the risk of water infiltration.

This problem is sometimes due to snow removal from your roof in winter or to the exposure of your roof to strong winds, the top of the roof is the place at greatest risk.

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What is Spray Seal Eco Roof Protech?

Its first role is to maximize the performance of the shingles by sealing it in order to prolong its life. Please note, this is not a repair product but a prevention product. If your roof is in poor condition, you should strongly consider replacing it!

In addition, our product is made from water, so it is ecological and therefore, you will avoid sending your shingles to waste prematurely. A logical and ecological choice!

Also, its translucent appearance will allow you to keep the original color of your roof. The product will simply become embedded in your shingle to stick cracks and granulations together.

Finally, we recommend the use of this product for roofs less than 5 years old.

Here’s what Eco Roof Protech does:

Spray Seal Eco Roof Protech

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