Spray Seal Sealant Residential roofing Mascouche

Authorized installer: Marc-André

Spray Seal: the sustainable solution for extending the life of roofs on homes, cottages, businesses and trailers in Mascouche.

In demand throughout Quebec, Spray Seal roof sealants are now available and applied in the Mascouche region.

Spray Seal’s team of certified roof protection specialists is active in Mascouche and many other towns in the region.

By protecting your roof shingles with Spray Seal water-based products, you’ll extend the life of your roof and save a lot of money with this simple and affordable solution.

That’s why more and more homeowners and roofers looking for a durable, high quality product are turning to Spray Seal products.

Sealants are applied at low cost, in less than a day, by certified professionals operating in Mascouche.

By coating your shingles with Spray Seal’s Eco Roof Protech, a water-based product, you will increase the useful life of your roof. At the same time, you will avoid throwing your old shingles damaged by the weather and the sun’s UV rays into the garbage. A logical and ecological choice!

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Spray Seal: the best protection for roofs in Mascouche

  • Save money while extending the life of your roof
  • Preserve the appearance of your roof
  • Enjoy a courteous and turnkey service
  • Peace of mind: application by a specialist is easy, clean, hassle-free
  • Spend your money on something other than a roof replacement
  • Make an ecological choice by not throwing away shingles at the ecocenter
  • Use products designed and sold in Quebec, for the Quebec climate
  • Rely on the expertise of certified installers, active in Mascouche