Roofing-Go green!

Save the planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle. When you hear these phrases, you usually think of the surroundings. However, when it comes to building ecologically using greener building materials for roofs, families can not only benefit the environment, but can also increase the comfort of their homes, support the health of their families. their families and significantly reduce costs.

Greening the environment and the roof?

Across the country, we need to start making a difference to help our planet and the homes we live in. Here are three reasons why entrepreneurs should consider giving their clients a green option.

Three advantages of “going green” when it comes to roofing.

Three advantages of “going green” when it comes to roofing.

Roofing – Environmental benefits

Our environment can be deeply impacted by construction methods, materials and operations. Most often, this impact is negative. Shingles can clog landfills and adversely affect air and water quality; building materials such as aluminum, concrete and steel are responsible for excess CO2 emissions; and pollution of water, air and soil can accumulate due to the accumulation of wastes.

Entrepreneurs must be responsible. When they build ecologically, they protect and enhance ecosystems and biodiversity. We can do this by using recyclable materials in our products, shingles and other components. Regarding installation, it is essential to read the manufacturers recommendations for each product installed.

Sustainable manufacturing is CertainTeed

One of the most valuable players in the sustainable manufacturing industry is CertainTeed. The company not only recycles the majority of internal waste created by manufacturing (90% is turned into asphalt material for road construction), but it is also continuously developing new products, systems and solutions to reduce the footprint. carbon and improve energy efficiency.

Products such as their CoolStar® are designed with solar reflective surfaces to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Partnering with an eco-friendly manufacturer is essential to propel our communities and our world forward.

Health benefits

One of the biggest benefits of green building is the increased health benefits. A “green” roof will use environmentally friendly building materials that improve the air quality of homes, in addition to increasing thermal and acoustic quality. This means that utility systems will run less to maintain comfortable temperatures in the house.

Overall, families will benefit from a higher level of comfort and health. While helping to protect the environment from further damage, homeowners will also improve the overall quality of life for their entire family.

Economic benefits

The economic profitability of a green roof is not always immediately noticeable, as many materials and installations of green materials cost more upfront. In the long run, however, homeowners can expect both to lower utility bills and to dramatically increase the value of their home when they do end up selling. Since most green building materials are of higher quality, they will last longer and provide more sustainable design, construction and operational practices.

So, building green saves money in the long run, improves the overall health of everyone in a home, and of course helps the environment to heal.