Important informations

regarding our warranty

We offer a five-year warranty against algae growth and degranulation.
Spray Seal is a miracle product for the preservation of asphalt shingles.
  • Prevents damage from wind
  • Eliminate degranulation
  • Eliminates algae growth
  • Extend the life of your roof by several years in a single application

Spray Seal is a clear sealant applied on asphalt shingles. It has been proven to withstand wind damage and extend the life of your roof. It keeps the granulation intact and fills the cracks while sealing the surface.

Spray Seal guarantees against grain loss and algae growth for a period of five years if installed by a certified contractor, contact Spray Seal for more information. Satisfactory results depend not only on the quality of the products, but also on many factors beyond our control. The information on this page is general and may not apply to all installations. Spray Seal is guaranteed to be of uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. Spray Seal has no control over the use of this product upon customer’s acceptance, which accepts responsibility for each application. Spray Seal assumes no responsibility for the final results. Refer to the published terms and conditions before use.